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Microwave lid (PRICKIG)

Rs 2,227.00

Product Material Polypropylene plastic Measurements Height: 9 cm Diameter: 26 cm With several small holes to release steam. Fits most microwave ovens, including smaller models.

Shelving unit (GNEDBY)

Rs 27,836.00

Product Material: Base-material: Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging, Plastic edging Side panel: Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging, Plastic edging, Melamine foil Plinth front: Particleboard, Paper foil Back: Fibreboard, Paint, Paper foil Measurements Width: 20 cm Depth: 17 cm Height: 202 cm Adjustable shelves; adapt space between shelves according to your needs. Holds 180 CDs or 88 DVDs. Matches BILLY bookcase. Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Box with Compartments (GODMORGON)

Rs 7,786.00

De-clutter all those smaller items in your drawers. Different compartments help to organise things like jewellery and make-up so everything is easy to find. A perfect fit in GODMORGON wash-stand drawers. Designer: IKEA of Sweden


Rs 2,449.00

Product Material Tempered glass Measurements Height: 9 cm Volume: 37 cl Made of tempered glass, a durable material that is very resistant to sudden temperature changes. Designer P Amsell/B Berlin

Lid Square (IKEA 365+)

Rs 2,820.00

Product Material Silicone rubber Measurements Width: 16 cm Height: 2 cm Length: 16 cm The lid creates a vacuum when placed on a container ? keeping the food fresh longer and helping the food retain both heat and coolness. Can be used to protect from splatter in the oven and the microwave. Wash the lid in the dishwasher and use it again and again, as this helps you reduce the amount of plastic and aluminium foil you use. Designer Sarah Fager

Towel Hanger (KALKGRUND)

Rs 5,337.00

Product Material: Bracket: Zinc, Chrome-plated Seals: Polypropylene plastic Tube: Stainless steel Measurements Depth: 4.8 cm Height: 13 cm No visible screws, as the fixings are concealed. The chrome finish is durable and resistant to corrosion. Designer: Henrik Preutz

Storage crate with castors (VESSLA)

Rs 3,782.00

Product Material Box: Polypropylene plastic Wheel: Acetal plastic Wheel holder: Polyamide plastic Pin: Steel, Galvanized Measurements Length: 39 cm Width: 39 cm Height: 28 cm Castors included. The top edge serves as a handle, which makes the storage crate easy to lift and carry. Stackable; space-saving when not in use. Designer K Hagberg/M Hagberg

Measuring jug (VARDAGEN)

Rs 3,190.00

Product Material: Heat resistant glass Measurements Width: 13 cm Height: 9 cm Length: 14 cm Width: 16 cm Height: 12 cm Length: 17 cm Designer Preutz/Wihlborg/Braasch/Karlsson

Chopping board (STOLTHET)

Rs 7,268.00

Product Material Bamboo, Oil Measurements Length: 35 cm Width: 22 cm Height: 8 cm Designer Friso Wiersma

Towel Holder 3 Bars (BROGRUND)

Rs 6,078.00

You save space by pushing the swivel arms either left or right, against the wall, when they are not in use. Perfect also for larger towels since the arms are extendable. Made from stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately. Combines with other products in the BROGRUND series. Designer: H Preutz/N Karlsson

Waste Bin (TRASKET)

Rs 11,261.00

You can use this bin anywhere in your home, even in damp areas like the kitchen and bathroom. The waste bin should be used with a waste bag. Not waterproof. Only recommended for indoor use.

Toilet Roll Holder (LILLASJON)

Rs 4,300.00

It is easy to refill toilet paper, just lift the wooden lid and replace the empty roll with a new one. Combines with other products in the LILLASJON series. Designer: Hanna-Kaarina Heikkila


Rs 4,523.00

Product Material Feldspar porcelain Measurements Height: 9 cm Volume: 22 cl Package quantity: 4 pack Unique dinnerware with patterns, details and raised reliefs that exude tradition and craftsmanship. Designer I Leo/H Dalrot

Corner Shelf Unit (RONNSKAR)

Rs 35,525.95

Space-saving corner shelf in the RONNSKAR series. Curvy details and shelves of glass and steel are ready to accommodate your folded towels and beauty products to create a personal and charming look. Designer: Jon Karlsson

Basket with Suction Cup (TISKEN)

Rs 3,856.00

Water drains easily through the holes in the bottom. One push assembly - clean the wall surface and push to attach. No tools are needed. To release and remove, insert a credit card (or similar) between the suction cup and the wall. No ugly holes or marks are left behind. The suction cups have a tight grip on smooth surfaces like glass or tiles. Only sticks on flat surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles. Clean the surface before mounting the suction cup to ensure better grip. Holds up to 3 kg. Combines with other products in TISKEN series. Do not attach to bathroom wallpaper or any other type of wallpaper since the product can damage the material. Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Slippers (TASJON)

Rs 2,227.00

You can walk steadily with these slippers thanks to their sole which provides a good grip and stability. Shoe size: 36-39. Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Showing 109-126 of 410 results