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Steamer (KLOCKREN)

Rs 7,040.00

Product Material Bamboo veneer Measurements Height: 16 cm Diameter: 23 cm Volume: 5.0 l For steaming vegetables, which retain their taste and nutrients. The bamboo gives your kitchen a warm and finished expression. Made of bamboo, which is an easy-care, hard-wearing natural material. Designer Kevin Gouriou

Holder for container (IKEA 365+)

Rs 3,042.00

Product Material Steel, Powder coating Measurements Width: 15 cm Depth: 23 cm Height: 3 cm Package quantity: 2 pack With this holder for container, you can use the space under your shelves in a smart and efficient way. The holders are flexible and can be used for both square and rectangular containers in the IKEA 365+ series. Designer J Lofgren/J Pettersson

Food container with lid round (IKEA 365+)

Rs 2,968.00

Product Material Food container Polypropylene plastic Lid Silicone rubber Measurements Height: 6 cm Diameter: 14 cm Volume: 450 ml Height: 9 cm Diameter: 14 cm Volume: 750 ml The lid can be used to protect from splatter in the oven and the microwave. The transparent jar makes it easy to find what you are looking for, regardless of where it is placed. Designer Sarah Fager

Espresso cup and saucer

Rs 2,597.00

Product Material Feldspar porcelain Measurements Saucer diameter: 12 cm Total height: 6 cm Cup height: 5 cm Volume: 6 cl Made of feldspar porcelain, which makes the cup impact resistant and durable. The timeless and smart design makes the dinnerware meet all your needs at home, regardless of what you eat and drink, and withstand being used 365 days a year. Designer Preutz/Wihlborg/Braasch/Karlsson

Tea infuser (IDEALISK)

Rs 2,375.00

Product Material Stainless steel Measurements Length: 15 cm A tea infuser minimises the use of unnecessary packaging. Dishwasher-safe makes life easier.


Rs 3,560.00

Product Material: Basematerial: Solid wood, Acrylic paint Hook: Steel Measurements Width: 43 cm Thickness: 14 mm Package quantity: 8 pack The grooves on both sides of the hanger prevent clothes with hanging straps from sliding off. Designer: Nike Karlsson

Scissors, Set of 2 (MARKBART)

Rs 2,820.00

Product Material Stainless steel, Synthetic rubber, Reinforced polypropylene plastic Measurements Width: 9 cm Height: 2 cm Length: 26 cm Designed both for right-handed and for left-handed persons. Designer Sarah Fager

Hanger for Door (LILLANGEN)

Rs 2,227.00

Product Material: Basematerial: Stainless steel Plastic parts: EVA plastic Measurements Width: 1.5 cm Depth: 4.5 cm Height: 8.3 cm Package quantity: 2 pack A good solution if you are short of space. Designer: Inma Bermudez

Insert with 2 drawers (KALLAX)

Rs 12,617.00

Product Material: Basematerial: Fibreboard, Plastic foil Drawer bottom: Fibreboard, Acrylic paint Drawer front: Particleboard, ABS plastic, Plastic edging, Paint Drawer side/ Drawer back: Particleboard, Plastic foil Measurements Width: 33 cm Depth: 37 cm Height: 33 cm The insert looks nice in a room divider as the back has also been finished. Easy to assemble. Designer: Tord Bjorklund

Storage Box (TROFAST)

Rs 2,227.00

Product Material Polypropylene Plastic Fits in TROFAST frames. Can be stacked when completed with a lid. Designer Studio Copenhagen


Rs 3,116.00

LILLASJON series combines black metal with warm tones of wood. These softly rounded hooks with concealed fittings are handy for towels and harmonise well with other accessories in the same series. Designer: Hanna-Kaarina Heikkila

Letter Tray (KVISSLE)

Rs 19,281.00

Product Material Steel, Cork, Anti-corrosive phosphate coating, Epoxy/polyester powder coating Measurements Width: 32 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 32 cm You can easily access your papers as the compartments can be pulled out. Cork liner in the bottom keeps your papers in place. Can also be set upright if you would rather store your paper vertically. Designer Eva Lilja Lowenhielm

Can opener (KONCIS)

Rs 3,338.00

Product Material Stainless steel Measurements Width: 5 cm Height: 4 cm Length: 18 cm Designer IKEA of Sweden

Hand Towel (SALVIKEN)

Rs 2,820.00

A lovely spa feeling with distinct waffle texture on one side and soft terry on the other so you can choose the comfort and look that suits you. Highly absorbent and made from sustainably-sourced cotton

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