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Food Container (PRUTA)

Rs 2,079.00

Product Material Polypropylene plastic Measurements Length: 14 cm Width: 14 cm Height: 6 cm Volume: 0.6 l Package quantity: 3 pack Suitable for storing everything from cold cuts, cheese etc. to individual portions of food. The transparent jar makes it easy to find what you are looking for, regardless of where it is placed. Several empty food containers can be stacked inside one another to save space in your cabinets. Several food containers can be stacked on top of each other to save space in the fridge and cabinets.


Rs 4,523.00

Product Material Aluminium, Anodized Measurements Width: 14 cm Height: 8 cm Length: 33 cm Anodised aluminium gives the baking tin an extra durable and hard-wearing surface, so that you can keep baking for years. Designer Preutz/Wihlborg/Braasch/Karlsson

Hanger for Door (LILLANGEN)

Rs 2,227.00

Product Material: Basematerial: Stainless steel Plastic parts: EVA plastic Measurements Width: 1.5 cm Depth: 4.5 cm Height: 8.3 cm Package quantity: 2 pack A good solution if you are short of space. Designer: Inma Bermudez


Rs 3,116.00

On the label you can write whose hook it is or what should be hung on it to help keep things in order at home. The plastic pocket around the label protects against dirt and water. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately. Tested and approved for bathroom use. Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Egg slicer (SLAT)

Rs 2,227.00

Product Material Body: High-impact polystyrene plastic Handle/ Wire/ Bracket: Stainless steel Measurements Width: 11 cm Height: 3 cm Length: 13 cm The egg slicer is easy to clean as the steel frame is removable. Designer Henrik Preutz


Rs 3,116.00

LILLASJON series combines black metal with warm tones of wood. These softly rounded hooks with concealed fittings are handy for towels and harmonise well with other accessories in the same series. Designer: Hanna-Kaarina Heikkila

Towel Rail (BROGRUND)

Rs 5,337.00

Clean, simple and distinctive. The BROGRUND series offers a wide variety of accessories to create order out of chaos with a modern, fresh look. Details like hidden screws add to the clean design. Combines with other products in the BROGRUND series. Designer: H Preutz/N Karlsson

Lid rectangular (IKEA 365+)

Rs 3,042.00

Product Material Silicone rubber Measurements Width: 16 cm Height: 2 cm Length: 22 cm The lid creates a vacuum when placed on a container ? keeping the food fresh longer and helping the food retain both heat and coolness. Can be used to protect from splatter in the oven and the microwave. Wash the lid in the dishwasher and use it again and again, as this helps you reduce the amount of plastic and aluminium foil you use. Designer Sarah Fager

Food container rectangular (IKEA 365+)

Rs 3,782.00

Product Material Stainless steel Measurements Volume: 1.0 l Height: 6 cm Length: 21 cm Width: 15 cm


Rs 2,375.00

Product Material Steel, Galvanized, Powder coating Measurements Depth: 2.5 cm Height: 6 cm Package quantity: 5 pack Helps you to organize keys, jewellery or utensils. Easy to attach and move ? no tools needed. Choose the accessories in the SKADIS series which suit your needs and create a personal storage combination. Designer Eva Lilja Lowenhielm

Desk Pad (SUSIG)

Rs 4,597.00

Product Material Cork, Polyurethane, Unbleached paper Measurements Length: 45 cm Width: 65 cm This desk pad is made of cork ? a dirt-repellent natural material that is also resistant to water, but you should still wipe off spilled liquids immediately to avoid marks.

Bath Towel (SALVIKEN)

Rs 4,597.00

A lovely spa feeling with distinct waffle texture on one side and soft terry on the other so you can choose the comfort and look that suits you. Highly absorbent and made from sustainably-sourced cotton

Fish/poultry shears (PRESTERA)

Rs 3,782.00

Product Material Stainless steel, Acetal plastic, Stainless steel Measurements Width: 5 cm Height: 2 cm Length: 25 cm With the latch you can lock shears after use. Designer IKEA of Sweden

Bookcase (GERSBY)

Rs 43,432.00

Product Material: Base-material: Particleboard, Plastic edging, Paper foil Side panel: Particleboard, Plastic edging, Plastic edging, Melamine foil, Paper foil Plinth front: Particleboard, Paper foil Back panel: Fibreboard, Acrylic paint Shallow shelves help you to use the walls in your home efficiently. They hold a lot of things without taking up much space in the room. A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs change. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately. Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Basket (SNIDAD)

Rs 13,186.00

Product Material Basket/ Binding: Rattan, Clear lacquer Feet: Polyethylene plastic, Steel, Galvanized Measurements Height: 39 cm Diameter: 54 cm This braided basket has a unique look since each basket is handmade. You can also use the basket in damp areas such as bathrooms. The included plastic feet protect the floor against scratching. Designer IKEA of Sweden

Shower Shelf (VOXNAN)

Rs 6,078.00

You can easily adjust the height of the shower shelf thanks to the flexible bracket on the rail. The chrome-plated surface is a hard, durable and easy to clean. Fits on shower rails and poles 19-25 mm in diameter, mounted at a minimum distance of 58 mm from the wall. Combines with other products in the VOXNAN series. Designer: H Preutz/N Karlsson

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